Why Can't the Sixers and Clippers Work Out a Trade for James Harden?


Jul 25, 2023

The NBA landscape never fails to serve up compelling narratives, and James Harden is currently at the center of one such story. The prolific scorer has earned a reputation for having a wandering eye, a pattern that has seen him move frequently between teams.

Harden’s pattern of seeking new pastures annually is indeed remarkable. He has generally managed to get his way, and speculation is rife about whether he will do so again. Harden’s journey took a significant turn when the Brooklyn Nets traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers, marking a pivotal moment for the guard.

In moving to the 76ers, Harden found himself potentially joining his fourth team in as many seasons. This rapid team-changing habit raises whether the problem might lie not with the teams but with Harden himself.

Despite the uncertainties, one potential landing spot for Harden that seems logical is the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have the assets to facilitate a trade and appear among the few teams that might wish to add him to their roster. This unique position could give them significant leverage in any negotiations.

However, the fact that a move to the Clippers hasn’t materialized yet raises questions about the timeline of this potential transfer. With only one plausible destination apparent, it’s curious that the move hasn’t happened already. This could lead to prolonged negotiations that extend into training camp, which would bring its own set of challenges.

The implications for the Philadelphia 76ers and their future strategies are considerable. Harden’s uncertain status could affect the team’s plans, causing potential disruptions. All eyes will be on this evolving story as the NBA community waits to see where Harden will lace up his sneakers next.

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Thumbnail photo via Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

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