Will Carson Wentz Accept Being a Backup Quarterback in the NFL?


Jul 4, 2023

The subject of Carson Wentz and his potential role as a backup quarterback has been a contentious one recently. With a history of being benched, it has led many to question whether he can actually fill this position or if his time as an NFL quarterback is done. 

Wentz, once considered a promising quarterback, has seen his ability deteriorate recently. The primary issue, it appears, lies not in his ability but in his willingness to accept a backup role. Contrasting examples such as Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton illuminate the issue. Flacco and Dalton have experienced a similar decline in their careers, yet they have successfully transitioned into backup roles, recognizing they were past their prime. They were willing to lend their experience and expertise to their teams, acting as veteran mentors.

However, there’s a certain level of acceptance required for this shift. It seems that Wentz may not yet be ready to step into this role, much like Cam Newton. Newton is another player who has struggled with the perception that he is a starter, not a backup. These players have excelled in the spotlight and may find it challenging to accept a role that doesn’t fit well with what they still believe they can do on the football field. 

This is where Teddy Bridgewater stands out. Despite not consistently delivering high-end performances, Bridgewater has shown an ability to accept and perform in a backup role, setting an excellent example of how these transitions should work. He’s been given multiple chances as a backup and has been able to contribute positively without necessarily becoming a distraction. 

In a similar vein, Nick Foles has also had an interesting journey. Despite bouncing around various teams, it looks as though his career is reaching a crossroads. In addition, Matt Ryan, another veteran signal-caller, seems unenthusiastic about continuing his career if he’s not a starter. 

The journey of a quarterback is filled with transitions and can often be viewed like a rollercoaster. It’s not just about having great stats or being a team’s starting quarterback. Sometimes, it involves stepping back, taking on a mentoring role, and accepting the changes that come with time. The real question remains, can Wentz make such a transition? It remains to be seen.

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Thumbnail photo via Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

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