USA Basketball Taking a New Approach to FIBA World Cup Roster


Aug 3, 2023

As we shift our focus to USA Basketball, it’s crucial to remember that being the best in the world doesn’t always translate into winning the Cup or the gold. The American roster this year indicates a unique approach to reclaiming their rightful place atop international basketball.

The last time the USA team competed in the World Cup, they finished seventh. This result is far from acceptable for a team representing one of the strongest basketball nations. In response, management has taken a different approach to this year’s roster. Instead of the traditional superstar-laden lineup, they’ve opted for a blend of stars and rising talents.

Standout players such as Anthony Edwards and Jaren Jackson Jr have made the cut, alongside last year’s All-Star player Tyrese Halliburton. Moreover, we’re also seeing a fresh crop of talents, such as Austin Reaves and Paolo Banchero, in the mix.

One of the notable changes this year is the strategic approach adopted by Grant Hill, the new General Manager of USA Basketball. In previous years, Team USA was filled with top players with the expectation that their individual brilliance would secure wins. This year, however, the focus is on building a cohesive team with pieces that fit together well.

The new roster may not have the most headline-grabbing names, but it consists of players who complement each other on the court. These young players have a lot to play for and can use this opportunity as a career launching pad.

This new strategy brings an exciting dynamic to USA Basketball. The team’s evolution will be fascinating to watch as they strive to return to their winning ways in the World Cup. While the team clinched gold at the Olympics, their ultimate aim is to regain their standing in the World Cup. With this new approach and the motivation to prove their worth, the upcoming games promise to be a thrilling spectacle for basketball fans.

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Thumbnail photo via Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

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