Top Message Board Melt Downs of Week 3 in College Football


Sep 20, 2023

College football has returned, and so have overreactions on the message boards. Here is a look at the top message board reactions from the Power Five conference. It was not the best slate of games, but plenty of upsets enraged fanbases.

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The Pittsburgh Panthers lost the Backyard Brawl against West Virginia on Saturday, 17-6. Anytime you lose to a hated rival, people go berserk. This fan is calling for next week’s starting QB to be booed, showered with beer, and carted off in Week 4.

Screw soft a$$ Phil… he’s terrible and whines about getting booed. He’s been in college for ten years and still hasn’t learned to play QB or take criticism like any other 28-year-old man that gets paid to do his job. The kid from Duke played better against WVU. Screw booing… fans should shower him with beers when he comes out of the tunnel, throw batteries like at him like he was an opposing player at the old Vet in Philly, and students should punch him in the stomach every time they see him on campus. He’s terrible, and he whines and transfers when he receives criticism instead of attempting to improve. He needed to have been benched in the second half of two games, but it hasn’t happened, so I’m hoping to see him go off the field one last time… on a cart.” – Jrozycki via


Oklahoma State

The Cowboys were one of the Power Five squads upset by a Group of Five team as they fell 33-7 to South Alabama. Oklahoma State fans have caught on to OAN watcher Mike Gundy’s ultimate plan.

“Gundy is going to run the program into the ground before he retires to make sure he’s always going to be the winningest coach at OSU.” – Halftime Phil via GoPokes247

Big Ten

Ohio State

The Buckeyes won by 53 points and held a potent Western Kentucky offense to ten points. However, a slow start had a once proud fanbase in shambles as they head to Notre Dame next week.

This team takes nothing serious. Ryan Day claimed today was the day they were going to start taking it serious. The day he’s relieved from coaching will be the day this program steps back up.” – THEOSU12 via Bucknets



Stanford lost to Sacramento State, but if a tree falls to an FCS team and there are no message boards, did it happen? 



There were plenty of upset SEC fans this weekend, but Tennessee getting worked over by Florida takes the cake. The Rocky Top “faithful” are angry and blame the refs for the loss to the Gators.

It was obvious we were the better team in the second half, but Florida got every call. I hope Napier swallows, he obviously promised them something. We will be okay, the coaching staff made adjustments at the half that showed we were the better team. Go Vols and screw Florida upholding every damn play” – VolsFan1313 via VolNation

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