New York Jets Face Critical Decisions After Zach Wilson’s Benching


Nov 20, 2023

The New York Jets and their quarterback, Zach Wilson, find themselves in a challenging situation following a disappointing performance against the Buffalo Bills. Wilson, who was benched late in the game, is facing an uncertain NFL future with the team.

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The Jets’ head coach, Robert Saleh, has been under scrutiny but deserves some credit for handling the situation. He supported Wilson as long as feasible, but the recent game signaled a breaking point. For Wilson, a change of scenery might be beneficial. A fresh start with a new organization could allow him to refine his skills and address his weaknesses under different guidance.

The Jets, meanwhile, had seemingly placed their bets on Wilson, hoping to maintain a competitive record, perhaps around .500. However, the team’s strategy was flawed from the outset, particularly in their lack of a robust backup plan. The absence of a reliable insurance policy behind Wilson has been a glaring issue.

Despite Wilson showing some improvement this year, he still falls short of the standards required for a consistent starter on a playoff-caliber team. His on-field decision-making and mental processing have been points of concern. Instances where he struggles with his first read or makes ill-advised throws under pressure have been all too common.

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These shortcomings were starkly evident in the game against the Bills, where Wilson’s performance gave little hope of a victory for the Jets. The team’s lack of a strong alternative to Wilson, especially after Aaron Rodgers’ injury, put them in a difficult position.

Saleh faced limited options once Rodgers was sidelined, but the larger responsibility lies with the Jets’ organization for not ensuring a more competent quarterback roster. The late addition of Trevor Siemian to the system did little to alleviate the situation, as it was probably too late for him to make a significant impact this season.

The Jets are at a crossroads, needing to reassess their quarterback situation. For Wilson, the prospect of a new team might offer a chance to revive his career, while New York must address their quarterback depth to avoid similar predicaments in the future.

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