Streaker Interrupts Bears-Buccaneers Game at Wembley Stadium (Video)


If Sunday’s game between the Bears and the Buccaneers is any indication, fans in England are catching on to American football in more ways than one.

One man was streaking through Wembley Stadium, though the use of that word may be a misnomer — he was actually wearing pants.

Streaking is nothing new to sports, but football is new to England, so maybe they are just testing the waters to start? Perhaps they should take a lesson from Will Ferrell next time.

The hilarity begins with the “streaker” high-fiving several players from both teams. At around the 0:15 mark, Bears safety Craig Steltz notably avoids the man like the plague. Wise decision: he was probably made aware before the game that the plague actually started in Europe.

The streaker juked and weaved his way through security guards with moves reminiscent of Matt Forte‘s dominant day against Tampa Bay’s defense. His agility was celebrated by several Wembley Stadium attendees, and when the man was brought down, it incited a Jersey Shore-esque fist pumping celebration from one of the security guards.

It wasn’t quite as good as Jace Lankow’s effort in the Arizona-UCLA game, but at least the man in London isn’t likely facing the possibility of 18 months in jail.

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