Eagles Fans Quarrel With Security, Players Over Anti-Andy Reid Sign Outside Team Facility


The Eagles have a one-game winning streak. Maybe that will quell the tension in Philadelphia.

According to Yahoo! Sports, a couple of Philadelphia Eagles fans have been placing signs outside of the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex facility saying it is time for head coach Andy Reid to go.

The sign, which reads “Andy the times to go,” led to some controversy between the two sign-makers and members of the Eagles organization, when the two men were told they needed to remove the sign.

“John the Sign Guy” appeared on a Philadelphia radio station and said members of the Eagles’ security told them they needed a permit for the sign. When they were told the state police were on their way, John replied, “‘When the police come, I’ll talk to the police.”

With that, Eagles security proceeded to leave, but out came Eagles players Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce to try and solve the situation. While John was being interviewed by another news organization, Mathis and Kelce began talking to John’s nephew.

When Mathis asked the nephew to take down the sign and he refused, Mathis said, according to John, “‘Well, if you don’t take it down, we’re getting out of the truck and you’re not going to like it.’ Something along those lines. I didn’t hear exactly because I was away from it.'”

Mathis confirmed the verbal threat but wanted to make clear Kelce’s name was left out.

“Kelce never opened his mouth,” said Mathis. However, Kelce later called the sign-makers “varmit” on his Twitter account and said they were not fans.

John was upset with Kelce’s comments.

“We are fans of the team. To tell me that I’m not a fan and to call me a varmint is a disgrace. … I deserve an apology, but not for me, but for all the fans in this city.”

No apology has come from Kelce.

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