Marlins Catcher John Buck Helps Rescue Two Elderly Women From Overturned Car


Miami Marlins catcher John Buck hit only .227 with 16 home runs and 57 RBIs in his first season with the Marlins. His latest actions, however, may help atone for a forgettable first season in South Florida.

The Palm Beach Post (via Yahoo's Big League Stew) details an eventful week for Buck that was highlighted by him rescuing two elderly women from an overturned car last Thursday.

As Buck and his wife exited their Florida neighborhood, a shaking palm tree caught the All-Star catcher's eye. Upon further review, Buck realized that a car had hit the tree.

"I pulled out of the entrance [of his neighborhood] and I saw this car upside down and smoking," Buck told the Palm Beach Post. "I kind of saw a hand pulling at the window. I looked at my wife and my wife's like, 'Go help! Just go!'"

Buck and a bus driver were able to help open the window to help the driver to safety before Buck and another man pulled the passenger out of the overturned, smoking car.

The catcher also called 911 to report the incident, but he didn't hang around the scene very long, according to the report. In fact, Buck was rather ho-hum about the conclusion of the incident.

"I pulled them out, then the police came, I gave my report and was like, 'Guess my job's over.' So I took off."

The Good Samaritan act capped a pretty eventful week for Buck who had just returned from a hunting trip in Texas where he took down a 200-class deer, which according to the catcher, is "like hitting the lottery for a deer hunter."

Not long after finishing his hunting trip, Buck found out of the Marlins' new free-agent purchases, including left-hander Mark Buehrle. Buck immediately called the former White Sox southpaw to express his excitement.

"I got right on the horn and called him and said, 'This might be the best day ever for a catcher — I bagged me a world-class buck and I bagged me a Buehrle," he told the paper.

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