Terrell Suggs Says He Has ‘No Beef’ With Tom Brady, Hopes He Can Get Pair of UGGs

Terrell Suggs Says He Has 'No Beef' With Tom Brady, Hopes He Can Get Pair of UGGsTerrell Suggs is never afraid to tell you what he thinks about anyone or anything. To say he simply enjoys talking would be like calling summers in Death Valley "warm."

The Ravens linebacker and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have something of a history, and they'll get to write the latest chapter in that history on Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

While Suggs had plenty to say on Wednesday at his news conference, it sounds like those hoping to get some sort of trash talk out of Suggs in regards to Brady will be disappointed.

The linebacker, after all, has apparently turned over a new leaf.

"What?! No, there's no beef," Suggs exclaimed when asked Wednesday about any sort of animosity there may be between the two. "I guess the genesis of that, it was the incident in '09 where I almost hit him below the waist. I've gotten over it. That's where it all started, but you grow and mature. As you can all clearly see, I am not the same guy I was back in '09.

"We had a lot going. We had a lot going on that year. Like I said, I am pretty much over it. I respect him. Like I said before, I said it [Sunday], when it is all said and done, they are going to speak about three quarterbacks Johnny [Unitas], Peyton [Manning] and him. There's really no beef."

Actually, it sounds quite the contrary, at least on Suggs' end of things. He may even be willing to participate in a swag swap with Brady. Suggs was asked about the idea of a "Suggs versus UGGs" game alluding to Brady's endorsement deal with UGG, and the linebacker says he'd like a pair of boots.

"I heard they are really comfortable," Suggs said. "Maybe he can get me some. I'll take some. I'll send him some Ball So Hard Gear, Ball So Hard T-shirts."

Earlier in the day, Brady wouldn't touch on any perceived rivalry or disdain between he and Suggs or any of the other Ravens.

"What goes on off the field and the comments that guys make really has no bearing or impact on this game nor will it," he explained. "A lot of my focus and attention is on what I need to do to be at my best this week for my teammates. Hopefully we go out there and play our best game."