Married Women Would Rather Have Affair With Eli Manning Than Tom Brady, According to Survey


Tom Brady may have more rings than Eli Manning and has tons of records to his name, but apparently the Patriots quarterback can't compete with the Giants signal caller in one field: Married women.

According to a bizarre survey from, more married women would rather have an affair with Manning than Brady.

Manning won over the hearts of 54 percent of the married women who took the survey, many of whom cited his "boy next door good looks" as their reason for favoring him over Brady.

The website, which exists solely to promote adultery, said that Brady came in second because women believed Manning was "less of a hothead."

Throughout it all, home-field advantage still shone through, though. Brady won over 97 percent of Boston women, while Manning struck a chord with 86 percent of women from New York.

Chances are the results of the survey will not affect the action on the field when Brady and Manning battle in Super Bowl XLVI, but it's certainly interesting to see the strange results that come from Super Bowl hype.

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