Charles Barkley Challenged By Weight Loss Group After His On-Air Gaffe

Charles Barkley Challenged By Weight Loss Group After His On-Air GaffeCharles Barkley is no stranger to controversy. One of his memorable incidents lately was after he stated that his sponsorship with Weight Watchers was a giant “scam” during a commercial break that was in fact being aired.

Now a weight loss company is offering the “Round Mound” a chance to continue to capitalize on his new diet by asking him to participate in a weight loss challenge for charity.

HealthyWage wants Barkley to take part in its “10% Challenge,” which allows an individual to wager the amount of weight that they will lose for cash considerations. If Barkley were to participate and succeed, HealthyWage will donate the money to a charity of Barkley’s choosing.

The “10% challenge” allows an individual to wager $100 dollars to see if they can lose 10 percent of their body fat. If they win, they double their money and take home $200. HealthyWage wants Barkley to wager more than the $100 minimum, given the success he has had with his sponsorship.

“We sincerely hope Barkley will accept the 10% Challenge and show the men he’s being paid to inspire as a spokesperson that he’s so confident in his weight loss endeavor he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and bet on his own success – and generous enough to share the ensuing wealth with a worthy cause,” said HealthyWage co-founder David Roddenberry. “Come on, Barkley, ante up like a man!”

HealthyWage has been asking for help in persuading Barkley through various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.



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