Joey Porter Calls Out Tom Brady, Says Patriots Are Cheaters


November 6, 2009

Joey Porter Calls Out Tom Brady, Says Patriots Are Cheaters In Joey Porter‘s conference call with the media this week, the veteran linebacker caught on quickly that reporters were trying to get him to say something outrageous — a task that isn’t all that difficult. Porter, for his part, took it in stride, advising the reporters to head to Florida if they wanted to go fishing.

Later in the week, there was no fishing necessary.

Porter spoke with the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, and he proceeded to call the Patriots cheaters and call out Tom Brady.

“Never really too much cared for New England,” Porter said. “Still don’t care for New England. The hate’s been there for a while, especially after all the cheating they did back in the day. I can honestly say I don?t agree with it, but it happened, and it?s over with now.”

Eisen then asked Porter if the rules were changed to benefit Brady. The answer wasn’t surprising.

“When a guy can tell a ref when to throw a flag, and he gets it — stuff like that — I mean, he’s got his own rules,” Porter said. “I mean, they made the whole ‘don’t go at the legs’ because of Tom, you know, so whenever he feels that somebody’s coming at his legs, he just points at the ref, and he gets the flag. You’ve got to honestly say he’s got his own rules.”

True to form, the Patriots responded the only way they know how (or the only Bill Belichick allows them to).

“We’ll do what we’ve always done, and that’s do our talking on the field,” Kevin Faulk told Mike Reiss of

“That’s just Joey,” added lineman Logan Mankins, who said he’s only concerned with what Porter does on the field. “I don’t know why he does it; maybe he wants to be on TV. It doesn’t bother us. We don’t care what he says.”

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