Joe Paterno Gets in Some Early Practice for Capital One Bowl


Dec 12, 2009

Joe Paterno Gets in Some Early Practice for Capital One Bowl Joe Paterno really wanted a national championship bid. He had to settle for the Capital One Bowl.

Such is the life of the coach of a college football powerhouse.

The national championship is nice (by the way, ask the 900 undefeated teams in college football how they felt about missing out on that this year), but settling for a BCS bowl? As a BC fan, I’d take it any day. So, apparently, would Paterno, who hit the practice field a little early on Friday in order to prepare. The game may be three weeks away, but it’s never too early to start stretching.

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Joe Paterno Gets in Some Early Practice for Capital One Bowl

Comment of the day
Mike Lowell
is gone. Sad day for all Red Sox fans. As we cope with our grief over bidding farewell to the 2007 World Series MVP, we all must ponder the next step: Who will be Boston’s third baseman?

That one’s easy: Kevin Youkilis.

The more pertinent question is: Who will be the next first baseman? It appears GM Theo Epstein has an answer: Casey Kotchman. Not exactly the powerhouse corner infielder Red Sox fans were hoping for. A commenter rationalizes:

“Wonderful! Now we can move Youk over to third, and we will be able to compete with the Orioles!”

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LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal are big Michael Jackson fans. So big, in fact, that they needed to pay tribute to the King of Pop with their very own hits compilation video. Who knew LeBron could so closely compare to more than one MJ?

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