Darrelle Revis Calls Randy Moss a Slouch


Darrelle Revis Calls Randy Moss a Slouch When the Jets beat the Patriots in the second week of the season, Randy Moss wasn't ready to call Darrelle Revis a "shutdown corner," saying instead that with safety help, anyone could be a shutdown corner.

That day, Moss was wrong, as Revis went on to have a stellar year for the Jets, shutting down the likes of Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens and Steve Smith of the Panthers and now preparing for the AFC Championship Game.

Yet that didn't stop Revis from taking a jab at Moss and Owens over the weekend. When asked to play a word association game with Deion Sanders on the NFL Network, Revis didn't hold back, as ESPN notes:

Deion Sanders: Two words or less, when I call out a name, tell me what you think.

Darrelle Revis: OK.

Sanders: T.O.

Revis: Slouch.

Sanders: Randy Moss.

Revis: Probably say slouch, too.

Sanders: Chad Ochocinco.

Revis: Competitor.

Sanders: Steve Smith.

Revis: Competitor.

Sanders: Andre Johnson.

Revis: Beast.

It's not the first bomb thrown back and forth between the corner and the receiver, and it probably won't be the last.

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