Bill Belichick Explains Challenges in Making Draft Selections


April 22, 2010

Bill Belichick Explains Challenges in Making Draft Selections With seven rounds and 250 or more picks, the NFL draft can sometimes be a crapshoot.

To combat the unpredictability of the draft, teams tend to gather heaps of information on every single player available, so that mistakes are minimized once they get on the clock.

According to Bill Belichick, though, the most challenging hurdle that teams face is ensuring they don't have any misinformation.

"The worst thing is to have bad information, rather than no information," he said in a sit-down interview with the NFL Network in advance of Thursday night's draft. "[If] you draft a player and he's supposed to run a 4.6, and he runs a 4.8, you know, that's bad."

When asked about his use of first-round selections to pick up players like Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren, Belichick said "there's a lot to be said for [building a team] inside-out and down the middle."

Clips of the interview were posted online to promote the full interview, which will air at 1 p.m. on Thursday. The final preview has Belichick explaining his proudest moment on draft day.

"I think on a personal level, probably the pick that I would be as proud of as any would be … ."

And with that, a day that is spent mostly waiting around gets off to an appropriate start.

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