Scott Boras is going further and younger.

The super agent has reportedly signed a contract with 17-year-old high school pitcher Han Sung-hyuk, according to the Korea Times. 

The right-handed Duksoo High School senior with a low-to-mid 90s fastball, graduates early next year and his father Han Jang-suk said he would authorize the Boras Corporation to negotiate with Major League teams.

"The fact that the Boras Corporation is systematically organized in terms of marketing, promotion and rehabilitation led me to think the agency would be beneficial for my son's future career," said Han Jang-suk.

The young hurler received the pitcher's award after notching a 0.69 ERA in the 2009 President's Cup National High School Baseball Championship.

"Han has strong heart with endurance and can throw long-balls without getting tired," his high school coach Min Dong-geun said. "As he gets along with others very well, I think he will adjust to the league just fine."

One of Han's teammates, Kim Jin-young, signed a deal with the Chicago Cubs in March.