Isaiah Mustafa Tops List of Best Ex-NFL Endorsers With Viral Old Spice Campaign


While it is far from novel for consumer products to be marketed by former or current NFL players, no campaign may match Old Spice’s recent string of efforts.

Sure, Peyton Manning does a great job in his many commercials by mastering deadpan awkward humor,  Brett Favre‘s “indecisive but never retiring” ads strike a chord, and the simple fact that Joe Montana is doing Sketchers ads is funny, but former players Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa are in a league of their own.

In a massively successful viral marketing campaign on Youtube in the past 24 hours, Mustafa, known for his ridiculous “I’m on a horse” Old Spice ads, has released 100 40-second video shorts in response to questions or comments from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube about his previous ads.

They are probably even crazier than his on-air efforts. Check out his response to Olympic legend Apolo “Anton” Ohno.

And to actress turned Los Angeles Dodgers blogger Alyssa Milano.

Rose McGowan, jealous of Milano, even elicited a response.

Jake Plummer‘s college teammate also answers questions from non-celebs such as “pgvildys,” who ask “What typing of fishing do you prefer?”

The ads will continue to surface over the course of the day. As for where Mustafa or the writers come up with this stuff, I have no idea.

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