Lindsay Lohan Reminds Us Of The Many Locked-Up Athletes


July 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Reminds Us Of The Many Locked-Up Athletes
Everybody's favorite "Mean Girl" is getting a taste of her own medicine on the block.

Lindsay Lohan, who began her 90-day prison sentence last week, spent
much of the past few days in solitary confinement on her own volition
after being called "bad names" by some of the prison's rougher inmates.

When a celebrity goes to prison, fans often have the "I wonder if
so-and-so is going to be treated as a celebrity in jail" conversation.

Apparently, "Li-Lo" has had no such luck.

Lohan, though, is far from the first celebrity to get locked up. In
fact, the NFL has been spawned more than a few inmates.

O.J. Simpson, of
course, headlines the crew, though he is ironically locked up for up to
33 years for robbery, not murder. Former Panthers wide receiver Rae
is scheduled to be in jail until 2018 for conspiring to commit
murder, and his actions are trumped by former St. Louis Cardinal (NFL) Robert Rozier, who became
involved in a cult and killed four people. Current Baltimore Raven Donte
committed DUI manslaughter, which was good for just 30 days
on lock-down. Other notables include Michael Vick, Mercury Morris, Tank
, Jamal Lewis, and Darryl Henley and Bam Morris, both of whom
were drug kingpins in their spare time. And who could forget Plaxico

Baseball has its representatives as well, including some all-time
greats. Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda served for drug possession, and
Pete Rose
, a should-be Hall of Famer, served for tax evasion. The most
recent 30-game winner, Denny McClain, was incarcerated for all sorts of
crimes, including being involved with the Gotti family. Dwight Gooden
and Daryl Strawberry are other legends to have been punished for living
on the edge, and as for Ugueth Urbina — he is doing time in Venezuela
for attempted murder.

Basketball, the sport perhaps most criticized for a "street" image,
actually sports far fewer current and former inmates than the MLB and
NFL, though who can forget Isaiah Rider and Ruben Patterson of the
"JailBlazers." Jayson Williams, not to be confused with Jay Williams and
Jason Williams
, is also facing time for the murder of his limo driver.

The most notable female representative is Marion Jones, who has been able to revive her career as a WNBA player post-sentence.

Lindsay is clearly not alone. Paris Hilton did it too, and Kim Kardashian probably will soon just to keep up.

There is good news for Lohan, too, as reports have surfaced that she may be released on Sunday. That'd be getting off almost as easy as Stallworth, but that's nearly impossible.

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Lindsay Lohan Reminds Us Of The Many Locked-Up Athletes


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