Find a Penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck.

At least, that's what one former NBA star will pitch to the Miami Heat.

Penny Hardaway reached out to the Miami Heat on the Bottom Line Sports Show, an online radio program that he co-hosts, on Friday. He would like to be a small role player on general manager Pat Riley's loaded roster and go out on top.

"I didn't get a chance to finish my career the way I wanted," Hardaway said on the show.

Although it seems every big name is joining the party in South Beach, Hardaway would be a long shot to get an invitation. At 38 years old, Hardaway is definitely past his prime, and he hasn't played in the NBA since December 2007, when he was released by the Heat.

A Rookie of the Year candidate in 1994, Hardaway suffered a knee injury during the 1997-98 season that he tried to rehab too quickly, eventually reinjuring his knee. His last 10 years were marred with nagging ailments, forcing him to miss time in every season. He played 50 games or fewer in five of his final 10 seasons.

Riley has not reached out to Hardaway yet.