Brandon Marshall Expected to Open Up Dolphins’ Already Versatile Offense


Brandon Marshall is a huge pickup for the Dolphins’ offense in more ways than one.

The 2009 Dolphins were stacked in the running game with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, but the attack lacked a bona fide receiver.

The addition of Marshall will not only fill that void, but could bolster the running game as well, by redirecting opposing defenses’ attention.

Opponents will have to account for Marshall, covering or double-covering him to avoid getting beat downfield. This is good news for the Dolphins, as it prevents opposing teams from devoting all their energy and players to stopping the run.

Marshall gives Miami more options, and redirects opposing team’s defensive focuses, transforming the offense from one-dimensional to versatile. And if there’s one word the Dolphins’ Wildcat offense likes, it’s "versatile."

Head coach Tony Sparano isn’t sure how Marshall’s presence will affect other team’s game plans, according to the Miami Herald. And perhaps the mystery will translate to a good thing.

"I don't really know how these people are going to look at us," Sparano told the Herald. "I would anticipate most people will say, 'We're not going to let Brandon Marshall beat us.' But last year the philosophy was, 'We're not going to let Ricky and Ronnie beat us.' So I'm not sure how they're going to look at us right now. They might say, 'Well, prove to us that Brandon is going to beat us.' Or it might still be, 'Prove to us that Ricky and Ronnie can beat us.'"

Either way, Brandon Marshall is an invaluable asset to next season’s Dolphins.

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