Rafael Nadal’s Hair Stolen by Groupies at Official U.S. Open Barbershop

Rafael Nadal's Hair Stolen by Groupies at Official U.S. Open BarbershopRafael Nadal has great hair.

His flowing locks, wrapped in his signature bandanna, surely are the centerpiece of his “look,” and when you’re the world’s top tennis player, everybody wants a piece of you.

In New York, that’s literally the case. When Nadal was getting his hair cut at Julien Farel, the official stylist of the U.S. Open, groupies snuck in and stole Nadal trimmings while nobody was looking, the New York Post reports.

It’s unclear whether this act or the fact that the U.S. Open has an official hair salon is more disturbing.

Celebrity hair, though, may be the most valuable commodity per pound on the planet. Locks of Abraham Lincoln’s hair — with certificate of authenticity — can regularly be found on eBay for $400.

Nadal apparently was unaffected by the news Friday night, winning his second-round match in straight sets.

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Rafael Nadal's Hair Stolen by Groupies at Official U.S. Open Barbershop

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Apparently, this is Manny Ramirez’s legacy.

“Manny is
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still label him as a person who puts himself first and then the team.
Ozzie will soon learn this.”


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