Nike Should Take NFL Uniforms Back to the Old School After Fake Jersey Uproar

by NESN Staff

November 19, 2010

Nike Should Take NFL Uniforms Back to the Old School After Fake Jersey Uproar There are a few things you don?t want to mess with in life: the IRS, Nucky Thompson, an angry Bear.

You also can add NFL uniforms to the list.

Somebody forgot to tell that to an independent artist who designed some hideous new uniforms that went public Friday.

Much of the Internet thought Nike was behind the drawings. Thankfully, it is not, and there?s no legitimacy to the sketches.

But this isn?t the last we?ve heard of Nike and NFL uniforms.

The sports apparel giant is taking over as the official NFL uniform supplier in 2012, and it probably will want to add its own design to all 32 teams. The company already has done that with the “Pro Combat” style uniform worn by college programs like the Oregon Ducks.

For some NFL teams — think the Seattle Seahawks — any uniform change would be an upgrade.  For other teams with more history — say the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers — a complete overhaul makes as much sense as every idea in Satuday Night Live’s “Bad Idea Jeans” sketch.

Why mess with perfection?

Why break from tradition?

Why fix it if it ain?t broke?

Nike has done this before. In the 1980s, the company was the undisputed sneaker kings of the world. From Air Jordans to Air Force 1?s to Dunks, they had more sole than any shoe provider on planet Earth. Every kid wanted to be like Mike because, as Mars Blackmon reminded us, it had to be the shoes.

Then, in the ’90s, Nike went futuristic and started designing shoes that looked more suited for outer space or the ballroom.

Nike has returned to its roots, and the shoes of today look closer to the kicks of yesterday.

That?s a good thing. Call this reasoning/opinion/taste old-fashioned, but when it comes to athletic shoes — and sports uniforms ? less is more. Keep it simple, clean, sleek.

The “Pro Combat” uniforms in college are an awful look, and they would be even worse in the NFL. It would be like having a cartoonist update the Mona Lisa. A masterpiece doesn?t need to be touched.

It?s a good thing those NFL jersey sketches are fake. Or maybe Nike heard the groundswell of negative reaction growing and wanted to nip a potential PR disaster in the bud.

Whatever the real story, a lesson has been learned. If Nike does decide to make any changes to NFL uniforms, the designers don’t need to go crazy. Just stay classic.

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