Chad Ochocinco is one of the most prominent Twitter users, and his micro-blogging notoriety may have come back to bite him.

According to Ochocinco, his Twitter page was hacked on Tuesday evening when someone posted the following message: "OCNNBreakingNews Due to the many rule changes there has also been a name change, NFL no longer, NFFL = National Flag Football League."

Somewhat suspiciously, the Bengals' wide receiver tweeted shortly after that someone hacked his account, and with a tounge-in-cheek response he tried to alert Roger Goodell so as to avoid a fine.

"Dad my account was hacked for a matter of 5 minutes while i was cooking," the tweet to Goddell read, "just giving you a heads up,u raised me better than that."

So did someone really break into his Twitter, or did the receiver just want to have a little fun?

Either way, Ochocinco's tweet to Goodell could possibly be the funniest representation of the players' opinion that the commissioner is too strict.