Fan Forum: How Would a Carmelo Anthony Trade to an Eastern Conference Team Affect the Celtics? The trade talks surrounding Carmelo Anthony have been somewhat of a mystery in the NBA. They've lingered on the backburner of league headlines for the past six months, with interest spiking every few weeks to speculate the particulars of the potential deal.

There are a few teams that lead the pack of possible landing places for Anthony if he indeed decides to leave Denver, and all of those teams fall under the Eastern Division. If Anthony is traded to the East, what does that mean for the Boston Celtics?

Like it or not, it's going to have an impact. The severity of that impact will be determined when it's decided what team he'll actually end up with. Wherever he goes, however, he'll be a dangerous weapon.

Not only is Carmelo dangerous on his own, but he'll be an even stronger force if he's paired with a talented big man like Dwight Howard or Amare Stoudemire. Both Orlando and New York are reported suitors for Anthony, looking to build a supportive structure around their franchise players like the Celtics and the Heat.

It seems the team Carmelo could do the most damage with is the Magic. Sitting just behind the Celtics in the Eastern Conference standings, Orlando is currently the greatest threat to the C's. Add Carmelo to that team, and you've got a serious battle for the Eastern Conference title come springtime.

However, the Celtics have done just fine with the emergence of the New Big Three in Miami. Boston has already proved its Eastern Conference dominance against the Heat by delivering two early victories this season.

The veteran leaders on the C's seem to have no problem handling LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, would an Eastern Conference tandem featuring Carmelo Anthony be any different?

Will a Carmelo Anthony trade hurt the Celtics? Share your thoughts below.

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