Giant Lee Corso Mask Recovered After Former Oregon Students Swipe it From ‘College GameDay’


The Earth stood still for approximately 48 hours this weekend after a giant Lee Corso College GameDay mask went missing from ESPN’s trailer at Oregon State University. Thankfully, all has been resolved.

The Corso head was found on Monday outside of an OSU employee’s home after taking quite the journey, according to the Register Guard.

Former Oregon students August Cuneo and Alexander Westerburg spotted the giant head outside of the trailer on Saturday and proceeded to hide it in the bushes. They thereafter drove the head — worn by the Oregon Duck mascot pretending to be Lee Corso in a recent ad — to the Eugene area.

Erin Andrews pleaded for the return of the mask on Sunday, and pictures surfaced of somebody in Ducks gear wearing the mask.

Eventually, the suspects had second thoughts and dropped the mask off with the OSU employee. Because the mask is valued at $5,000 — well over the $1,000 cutoff — the stunt has resulted in felony theft charges for the two men.

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Giant Lee Corso Mask Recovered After Former Oregon Students Swipe it From 'College GameDay'

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