Bruins president Cam Neely caused an inadvertent stir Tuesday afternoon when he went on 98.5 The Sports Hub and did not definitively offer his vote of confidence for head coach Claude Julien.

On Wednesday morning, general manager Peter Chiarelli went on the station to clear things up.

As a guest on The Toucher and Rich Show, Chiarelli was asked if Julien’s job is in danger, and he clearly stated that it was not.

“That’s my preference and that’s my recommendation, but this is a collective thing that we do on these matters,” he said. “But I have full confidence in Claude and his staff to figure it out.”

Chiarelli said that things can look worse when a team loses four out of five games as opposed to when it wins four of five. However, should the play of the Bruins continue to worsen, things can always change.

“At some point, if we have to change the personnel, then we’ll change the personnel,” he said.

Chiarelli, who brought Julien on board in 2007, expressed confidence in the coach and his staff to assess the team’s biggest issues and improve in those areas.

“We all have to improve,” he said. “I know Claude’s been [the subject of] fodder lately, but he’s a good coach. We’re going to figure a way out of this. … We’re going to figure it out. We’re going to figure out why we’ve been flat, we’re going to figure out why we have slow starts.

“Consistent with what Cam said [Tuesday], we’re all accountable here,” Chiarelli added. “But I’m confident that our staff is going to figure it out and I’m confident that we’re going to play better.”

Listen to the entire conversation, which even includes Chiarelli’s thoughts on the budding Rex Ryan foot controversy, in the audio clip below from 98.5 The Sports Hub.