For Joe Cole, his time with Liverpool hasn't been much fun at all. In his brief stint with the Reds, Cole has missed time due to suspension, a hamstring injury and most recently, an ankle injury.

He makes his return to the pitch on Thursday when Liverpool takes on Steua Bucharest in Europa League action. Cole was originally supposed to return last week from a hamstring injury he suffered in October, but he suffered a setback with an ankle injury during his rehab.

Getting back out with his teammates is an important priority for Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson, but so is boosting the 29-year-old's spirit following his bout with tough luck.

"He isn't a naturally confident character," Hodgson said, not mincing words, according to the Guardian. "He suffers when things are not going his way. Everyone at the club has worked hard to make sure he doesn't take it too hard and take too much on himself, because he's quite happy to take responsibility.

"Sometimes those players can take too much on themselves and push themselves even further down. Everyone at the club, but in particular the senior players and his England colleagues, have done a great job encouraging him. Hopefully it will start to come right for Joe against Steaua."