Fan Forum: Is Bill Belichick Best NFL Coach of All Time?


Fan Forum: Is Bill Belichick Best NFL Coach of All Time? You can try and talk to Patriots head Bill Belichick all you want about the individual greatness of one player or a coach. Though he might half-heartedly recognize that person’s greatness, he will likely soon deflect the question and rather talk about how important the team is.

But even deep down, Belichick must know that he is now firmly entrenched in the discussion of the best football coaches of all time. In fact, he may be leading the way.

With the Patriots’ blowout of the Dolphins on Sunday, Belichick grabbed his 14th win of the season. The win gave Belichick 14 wins in a season for the fourth time in his career — more than any other coach in league history.

It’s just another tick on the resume of a head coach who already has three Super Bowl rings and looks poised to grab No. 4 in just a short month or so.

Even if that doesn’t happen, he must be in the conversation of greatest head coaches of all time. But where does he rank among the best?

Is Belichick up there with the likes of the innovator of the West Coast offense, Bill Walsh? How does the New England coach’s resume compare with that of Chuck Knoll, who went 4-0 in Super Bowls with the Steelers? And has Belichick worked his way into the conversation against the man whose name is carved into the trophy that Belichick so desperately covets every year — Vince Lombardi?

Is Bill Belichick the best NFL coach of all time? Share your thoughts below.

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