And you thought it was hard to get tickets in Boston.

On Sunday, the Celtics face the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time since Game 7 of the NBA Finals last season, marking the 273rd time the storied franchises have clashed.

For Los Angeles residents, it is the only opportunity to see their hated rivals at the Staples Center during the regular season. As a result, ticket prices are astronomical. According to SeatGeek, fans could spend anywhere from $146 for a nosebleed seat to $11,903 for a front-row chair next to Jack Nicholson.  Most normal fans will be priced out of the building.

Expect a star-studded lineup courtside in L.A. on Sunday, as the C’s look to exact revenge. Every A-list celebrity should be out in full force, assuring that all of the high-roller tickets will be in use.