Terrell Suggs Takes Another Shot at Tom Brady, Questions His Super Bowl Rings


You would think Terrell Suggs would be focusing on his own playoff matchup this weekend, rather than taking digs at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Then again, taking digs at Brady is clearly one of Suggs’ favorite activities.

The Ravens’ linebacker was at it again on Thursday morning when he appeared on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio to discuss the upcoming divisional matchup with the Steelers. When host Steve Phillips asked Suggs to compare Ben Roethlisberger to other quarterbacks in the league, it came as no surprise that Suggs quickly turned the conversation to question Brady’s Super Bowl victories.

“If you ask me, he’s definitely up there with them,” Suggs said of Roethlisberger. “Because he has the hardware to prove it and that?s all that matters in this league, is Super Bowls. And he’s won two of them.

“If I’m correct, Manning’s only won one, both [Peyton and EliManning, that is, and Phillip Rivers doesn’t have any, and Tom Brady has three, I think, a questionable three.”

Even more ridiculous than questioning Super Bowl wins that occurred six years ago was Suggs’ choice of clothing during a news conference on Wednesday. Despite the clear message to Pittsburgh and its fans, Suggs said there was “nothing personal” behind the shirt.

His feelings about Brady, on the other hand, have clearly become personal. It seems the linebacker hasn’t stopped talking about the quarterback since the 2010 season started. Phillips asked Suggs to elaborate on the “questionable three” comment, and he began rattling off reasons why he believes Brady’s rings are tainted.

“Oh, you know, you’ve got the tuck rule incident, and then you’ve got the videotaping of the other team’s practices. It’s just like, OK, what’s going on here? You know? But, hey, it is what it is. They won the games no matter how you did it. But, um, it’s whatever.”

If this is what Suggs says during a week when the Ravens aren’t playing a playoff game against the Patriots, imagine what’s going to come out of his mouth if both teams advance to the AFC Championship.

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