Ask Patriots Beat Writer Jeff Howe a Question for His Weekly Mailbag Even without a new collective bargaining agreement in place, the NFL offseason is in full swing already.

Across the league, players — superstars even — are being slapped with the franchise tag. Marquee quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Michael Vick have gotten the tag. Patriots lineman Logan Mankins also got the tag from the New England front office, the latest development in a rocky relationship between the two sides.

Of course, the flurry of franchise tag moves has a lot to do with the continued CBA tug-of-war between the union and the league's owners. It's a messy, complicated process, but that's where Jeff Howe steps in.

The Patriots beat writer is all over the latest happenings in regards to not only the labor negotiations, but everything Patriots-related as well. And with the uncertainty of a 2011 season, along with the rapidly approaching NFL draft, there's plenty to talk about.

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