Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez Provide Laughs and Experience for Depleted Rays Offense Although the Rays lost base stealer Carl Crawford and power hitter Carlos Peña, they've added laughs and experience with former base stealer Johnny Damon and former power hitter Manny Ramirez.

While Damon wore a white t-shirt that read "Johnny Biceps," Ramirez commented on his weight loss and patted his stomach, asking "Do I look good?"

Damon also joked over Manny's trimmer physique while talking to the media in the Rays' clubhouse in Port Charlotte, Fla., reports.

"I better watch out," Damon told Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal, who is listed only 20 pounds lighter than Ramirez. "He's going to be lighter than me soon."

Ramirez enters the season 45 homers short of 600 for his career and ready to prove he's still packing some power in his 19th career season.

"I love the game. I like to compete," Ramirez said. "I just want to show that I still can play. That's my mind-set."

An estimated 1,000 fans gathered at the Rays' training facility to witness Ramirez and Damon's appearance. Manager Joe Maddon revealed it was the largest audience that he's ever seen, even after making the 2008 World Series.

"Then, seeing all the signs, I knew they were more interested in Manny and Johnny," Maddon said. "It was almost like an NFL practice. We're not used to that. But we love it."

Teammate Evan Longoria also got a kick out of the new comedic duo.

"They're real lighthearted, humorous guys," Longoria said. "It was pretty funny."

The Rays may have lost two of their best players in the organization, but they added two "idiot" veterans that should mentor and guide the young team, providing a few laughs along the way.