Do you think the director of the first Major League movie knew just how appropriate the nickname "Wild Thing" would become for the actor who played the ever unpredictable Ricky Vaughn? Hats off to whoever casted the original movie.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ on Monday, Charlie Sheen said he's "ready, willing and totally down" to play Ricky Vaughn in what would be a fourth installment of the Major League movie series, just as long as they can find someone to green light the script.

Sheen, who's an admitted baseball fanatic, recently hosted a private viewing of Major League in his private home theater, and reportedly invited Brian Wilson, Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, Eddie Murray, and Lenny Dykstra, among other baseball stars.

Sheen dubbed the party "The ultimate VIP baseball excursion."

Earlier this month Sheen even took the time to visit the UCLA campus, where he spoke to the baseball team about drug use, receiving a standing ovation from the Bruins.

As far as Sheen's actual baseball skills go, former major leaguer Brandon Watson, who was also at the UCLA practice said the movie star — who brought his own bat — "almost" hit a home run.