A couple of Los Angeles sports legends may be in the running to take over the Dodgers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, former Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley and Lakers legend Magic Johnson have had their names surface as potential owners of the Dodgers.

The team is in the midst of a muddy battle for ownership after Bud Selig and Major League Baseball stepped in to take over operation of the Dodgers as a result of Frank McCourt's highly publicized financial troubles.

While McCourt insists that he still wants to own the Dodgers, claiming that reports of his financial standing have been gravely exaggerated, the mentions of O'Malley and Johnson will likely give Dodger fans reason for optimism.

O'Malley, of course, has previously owned the team. He was the owner of the Dodgers during the team's 1980s heydays, and he's been outright critical of McCourt in the past. O'Malley didn't sell the team to McCourt and wife Jamie McCourt, he sold it to Fox in 1998, before they sold it to the couple in 2004.

A KLAC 570 report says that O'Malley has aligned himself with two big investors to help purchase the team and that O'Malley would once again be in charge of the franchise.

Magic Johnson may not be be one of the big investors in business with O'Malley, but he also sounds willing to throw his hat into the ring. While the NBA Hall of Famer has denied interest of owning the Dodgers in the past, he admitted on SiriusXM Radio that it is something he may now entertain.

"You know, people here in L.A. want me to make a run for the Dodgers," he told Steve Covino and Rich Davis, according the Times' report. "I will sit back and see what happens, and if somebody approaches me and wants a partner or wants me to be involved, I'll take a look at it. 'Cause I love baseball. And I love the Dodgers."