Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman Rooting for Miami Heat, Compares LeBron James to Alex Rodriguez As if Bostonians needed any more reason to dislike the Yankees, the general manager of the Bronx Bombers is openly rooting for LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

"Since the Knicks are [eliminated], I'm rooting for them," Brian Cashman said of the Heat, according to ESPN.com. "They've battled through the adversity. … If they [win] a championship in the first year, they walked through fire to get there. And if they get it done, it'll be a great accomplishment."

Cashman also likened LeBron James to his own superstar, Alex Rodriguez, in that both quickly went from being lovable players to some of the most-hated athletes on the planet.

"Alex Rodriguez was lovable then signed the big money contract in Texas, and overnight became hateable," Cashman said on Ruocco and Lundberg. "LeBron James, who is one of the greatest athletes of our time, took less money to go to Miami, as I understand it, and I don't think that ever gets talked about. He took less money to try to be in a better place to win, and makes a decision, but you don't hear much about that."