On one of the busiest dealing days of the NBA schedule, the NBA players union continues to search for the best deal.

The usually tight-lipped NBA players association revealed that the owners are trying to "break" the union, according to ESPN.com. The union, on the other hand, made it clear they will not accept a one-sided deal simply to avoid a lockout.

"We'd love to avoid a lockout, but we're unified in the sense of not being afraid if that's what we're faced with," union president Derek Fisher said.

The main topics of discussion for the next collective bargaining agreement continue to be revenue sharing and the idea of a hard cap. The owners proposed a "flex cap," which is very similar to a hard cap in the way that it puts a limit on what a team can spend on salaries.

The union is also upset that the owners are asking for the players to give back their "escrow tax," $160 million that is to be dispersed to the players in August.

The current CBA expires June 30.