Contrary to some reports, the players' side worked through much of the day Friday, and they'll keep plugging away through the weekend in an attempt to find labor peace, according to multiple league sources.

The players do not have their next meeting or conference call scheduled, as the player representatives await word from the committee working behind the scenes. ESPN cited an email that was allegedly sent from the player reps to the rest of the players indicating they would meet Monday.

However, one actively involved player rep told that there's no meeting in place. Furthermore, multiple players across the league were polled about the email, and there wasn't a single one who had seen it. NFLPA spokesmen have also publicly denied that the email exists.

Friday was mostly a cooling-off period for the players, who were "extremely frustrated" with owners Thursday night during a three-hour conference call, according to the player rep. They felt duped by the owners' approved vote of a settlement proposal that wasn't submitted by the players.

The owners, meanwhile, were in Newton, Mass. for the funeral of Myra Kraft, the wife of Robert Kraft who died Wednesday. Due to the funeral, the owners and players did not want to make any major public comments out of respect for the Kraft family.

So as Friday turns to Saturday, know this: The players are still working diligently to grasp a better understanding of the owners' settlement proposal. The players have not been in a rush to breeze through the final stages all week, and they plan to continue poring through the final details before putting it to a vote.

Still, there is no official timetable in place to make that vote.