Vote: What Was Best ‘Decision’ in Boston Sports in Past 10 Years?


Vote: What Was Best 'Decision' in Boston Sports in Past 10 Years? Exactly one year ago, LeBron James sat on a stage in Connecticut and made "The Decision," a televised event during which he ripped the heart out of Cleveland and sparked a near-riot in Miami.

The fallout was tremendous, with "The King" going from one of the most beloved stars in the game to one of the most hated, almost all in one night. With Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, James paraded around on stage in Miami a few days later as the trio held a welcome party that looked a whole lot like a championship celebration.

They were easy to dislike, and fans cheered jubilantly from coast to coast when the Heat lost to the Mavericks in the Finals.

Obviously, LeBron's "Decision" hasn't turned out swell for him just yet, but there's no going back in time and changing the past.

The anniversary got us in Boston thinking about decisions that have taken place here over the years. We could harp on some bad ones if we really wanted to (looking at you, Grady Little), but why spoil a Friday night? Vote below, or add your own in the comments section.

What's been the best "decision" in Boston sports in the past decade?customer surveys

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