Rajon Rondo’s Elbow Healing Well, Doesn’t Expect It to Be Issue Moving Forward


Rajon Rondo's Elbow Healing Well, Doesn't Expect It to Be Issue Moving Forward While the NBA's future seems murkier with each passing day, the extended time off is allowing some beat-up NBA players to heal before diving back into another season — which they would be doing very soon if things were on schedule.

One of the players benefiting most from the time off is Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, who suffered a dislocated elbow in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Miami Heat. Although he can't participate in basketball activities yet, the two-time All-Star told ESPN.com that the elbow is healing well.

"The elbow is getting better," he told ESPN.com. "I got another check-up on it [Tuesday]. It's getting there. It's still a little swollen, [but] other than that, no problem."

Rondo said recently that a full range of motion in the elbow is back and that he doesn't see it as a major issue moving forward.

Rondo also said he's continuing to take classes at the University of Kentucky while the lockout rolls on, working towards his degree.

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