‘Embarrassing’ Dolphins’ Defensive Players Should Forfeit ‘Month of Paychecks,’ Miami Columnist Greg Cote Writes


'Embarrassing' Dolphins' Defensive Players Should Forfeit 'Month of Paychecks,' Miami Columnist Greg Cote Writes When you give up 517 passing yards and four touchdowns to Tom Brady, plus 106 rushing yards and another touchdown, you shouldn't expect too many friendly words to be written about you in the newspapers the next morning.

You also shouldn't expect to get paid for a month, according to one writer.

"Any Dolphins being paid to defend Brady Monday night should be made to forfeit a month of paychecks and walk around all week wearing dunce caps," wrote Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote. "What an epic embarrassment."

Cote, of course, wasn't seriously suggesting the defensive players don't get paid (I'm pretty sure the NFLPA has some rules against that), but it's indicative of the frustration in Miami a night after the Dolphins looked like the same old Dolphins on national TV in Week 1. A fan base hoping for a new and improved football team was given a swift punch to the stomach.

"After it all, the Dolphins' home stadium looked and sounded much as it did throughout last year, when the Dolphins were going 1-7 in home games and the place was littered with despair," Cote wrote. "Late Monday the home stadium was emptying fast as the minutes wound down, and too quiet but for the fans of the other team."

Hey, at least the Fins were prepared for that, right?

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