Ryan Fitzpatrick Says He ‘Felt Violated’ After Patriots Got ‘Pretty Chippy’ On Sunday


Ryan Fitzpatrick Says He 'Felt Violated' After Patriots Got 'Pretty Chippy' On Sunday As sweet as victory was for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, defeat was a bitter taste for the New England Patriots.

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was a little salty, though, accusing the Patriots of dishing out a little extra sugar towards the end of the game on Sunday.

"It was getting pretty chippy, especially at the end there," Fitzpatrick told Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday. "Obviously no one wants to lose, and they're a group that doesn't lose much."

The unspeakable things that happen at the bottom of the pile are no mystery. That didn't stop Fitzpatrick from speaking out. Specifically, Fitzpatrick was upset about being "pinched and poked and prodded" as the Bills tried to run the clock down.

With under two minutes and the ball at the goal line, a personal foul call on Vince Wilfork gave the Bills an opportunity to run the clock all the way down and kick the game-winning field goal. Fitzpatrick clarified that he didn't know exactly which Patriots were guilty, but pointed out that a couple of them were "trying to act like [he] fumbled [the ball]."

"I felt like I was violated a little bit," said Fitzpatrick.

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