Tom Brady Reserves Judgment on Tim Tebow, Says Key Is ‘Not to Regress’


Tom Brady Reserves Judgment on Tim Tebow, Says Key Is 'Not to Regress'Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was too busy enjoying his bye week to sit in front of the TV and watch Tim Tebow‘s start on Sunday. Even if he had seen every snap, though, the 34-year-old Brady said it would be much too early to reach any definitive conclusions on where the 24-year-old Tebow’s career will go.

“When you watch two or three highlights, you can’t really say, ‘Oh, this is the reason why’ or ‘He’s gonna be John Elway,'” Brady said Tuesday morning on The Dennis and Callahan Show. “You can’t tell after one game.”

Brady pointed back to his first few years as starter, saying despite the success, he was far from a finished product.

“I know myself, in my second or third year, you’re a long way away from where you’re going to be as a player,” Brady said. “I’ve learned so much, and I’m still learning, and this is my 12th year. There’s not a game that I play in that I don’t learn something and that I don’t gain valuable experience from.”

While Brady didn’t offer specific advice to Tebow, he did explain what was most important for a quarterback to improve.

“It’s a long process for a quarterback,” he said. “We’re all trying to get better on a weekly basis. The important part for a quarterback is not to regress.”

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