Aaron Rodgers Almost as Popular as Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ in Wisconsin, According to Recent Poll


November 19, 2011

Aaron Rodgers is a popular guy — just not as popular as Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

But Lincoln and Jesus are the only two people more popular in Wisconsin than the Packers quarterback, according to a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP).

A recent poll revealed that 89 percent of the respondents in Wisconsin view Rodgers favorably, which marks a record high level of popularity in all of the firm's polling across the country. Intrigued by the stunning results, PPP decided to add a few people with "near universal appeal" to a national poll, and the results again showed just how popular the reigning Super Bowl MVP is.

Lincoln (viewed favorably by 91 percent of Americans) and Jesus (viewed favorably by 90 percent of Americans) were the only two to exceed Rodgers' previous 89 percent mark. In fact, Rodgers' 89 percent is higher than that of George Washington (86 percent), Mother Theresa (83 percent), Martin Luther King Jr. (74 percent), Santa Clause (67 percent), Mohandas Gandhi (64 percent), Nelson Mandela (64 percent) and Steve Jobs (62 percent).

It's a rather strange finding, but then again, he is the only one on that list with a Super Bowl ring.

A hat tip to the Yahoo Sports blog Shutdown Corner for pointing out these shocking results.

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