At age 49, Roger Clemens still thinks he can bring the heat.

Or does he?

Clemens, according to the New York Post, which cites Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Dia newspaper, is considering a comeback.

The report claims that “Clemens ‘wants to pitch’ for the same Indios de Mayaguez team that his son Koby is playing for this winter.”

However, conflicting reports indicate that Koby said in a separate Nuevo Dia interview that he doesn’t know how much interest his dad has in playing.

“I think he’s doing it [pitching atop a mound, throwing bullpen sessions] to teach the other pitchers,” Koby said. “He answers questions, and tells them how to prepare mentally. He’s telling them what they should do between starts, how to prepare when they enter a game. I don’t think he does [want to pitch for the team].”

An “unnamed Indios team member” said that Roger “wants to pitch, that’s 100 percent sure. I saw his desire to compete again. He was [at] the practice and said he wanted to play with his son.”