Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress by Pretending to Shoot Himself in Leg After Scoring Touchdown Against Jets (Video)

There's been some pretty interesting touchdown celebrations in the NFL this season. But none have been as ruthless as Stevie Johnson's on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver hauled in a 5-yard touchdown in the second quarter against the Jets at MetLife Stadium. He then proceeded to act as if he shot himself in the leg, clearly a jab at Jets receiver Plaxico Burress.

Burress, of course, served a two-year prison sentence as a result of an illegal weapons charge, which stemmed from an incident at a New York City night club in which he shot himself in the thigh. The Jets signed Burress as a free agent this past offseason after he was released.

Johnson also mocked the "flight" celebration that some Jets players often use after scoring. After tumbling to the ground, Johnson was slapped with a 15-yard excessive celebration penalty. The penalty was assessed on the kickoff, the Jets ended up scoring on the ensuing drive and the Jets came away with a 28-24 victory. Johnson also had a big drop late in the game.

In other words, Johnson was aiming for his leg, but he inadvertently shot himself in the foot.

Check out Johnson's bold touchdown celebration in the video below.