Michael Buble Practices With Canucks, Nearly Scores on Roberto Luongo

Michael Buble's won Grammys, he's appeared on Saturday Night Live and he's stolen the hearts of millions of fans. But on Tuesday, he had a chance to do something that he's never done: Score on Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo.

Buble hit the post.

The Canadian-born singer practiced with the Canucks on Tuesday, according to the Vancouver Sun, and everyone seemed to have a good time with his shootout attempt ending with Buble ringing one off the post and falling into the boards.

"I should have faked the shot backhand and tried to go upstairs," Buble lamented afterwards. "I just missed it. I'm sure Roberto didn't want me to score and I think he's pretty happy that I missed it.

"It was just the greatest day of my life, really," he gushed. "I had way too much fun. To get to do that, I guess, is every fan's wish."

Buble, who is apparently a lifelong Canucks fan, also took the time to defend the so-called "most hated" team in hockey. He explained, "Those are just ugly stories that the media keeps telling back east."

Luongo, for his part, admitted that he was impressed by Buble's skills out on the ice, although he was just being polite. After all, how good do you have to be to beat Luongo in a shootout these days?

Photo via Flickr/Eva Rinaldi Photography