Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis Denies Plans to Host Winter Classic on National MallSlow down, Washington Capitals fans. As cool as it would be to see the Caps play on the National Mall within the shadow of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument, it's just not happening.

That's what Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is explaining in a recent blog post, denying reports in the nation's capital that his team may be in line to host an upcoming Winter Classic.

"There has NOT been any communication to us on a formal basis as to a Winter Classic coming to D.C. in a specific year," Leonsis wrote, continuing that the Capitals are definitely not hosting in 2013. He does, however, indicate that the Capitals are in the mix for a future Classic game, just that nothing official has been discussed.

Leonsis also makes sure to squash a rumor that the team would play its Classic on the National Mall, noting that the lack of common areas to build seats, let alone team locker rooms, would prevent them from doing so.

"I am sure that one day -– when a Winter Classic does come to D.C.; we will be creative and have fun and put on a great show," Leonsis writes. "But that day is not today."