Eli Manning Says Brother Peyton 'The Best I've Ever Seen Play Football'Eli Manning wouldn't shed too much light on his brother's future, but the Giants quarterback wasn't shy about praising Peyton Manning's illustrious career.

"Peyton has had an unbelievable career and in my opinion is the best I've ever seen play football," the younger Manning said. "My goal is to get to his level of play. That's something I've worked on."

Eli has had some big footsteps to follow in throughout his career, but he isn't too caught up in the irony of being able to capture his second Super Bowl ring in Peyton's home stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday.

"I'm excited about being here. My mindset is I'm here to play a game," Eli Manning said. "This is just a Super Bowl venue. I'm not looking at the fact that this is where Peyton has played his career. I'm just trying to go out there and play my best football; and try to get a championship for the New York Giants."

Peyton Manning has undoubtedly had a fantastic career. He's an 11-time Pro Bowler, a five-time First-Team All-Pro and has an NFL record four MVP awards to his credit. Eli calling him the best football player of all time is certainly bringing the level of respect to new heights, though, especially when his counterpart for Super Bowl XLVI has three Super Bowl rings already and has himself garnered some serious praise in the past.

Expect Tom Brady to try to prove on Sunday that he's a step above the rest.