First, a chance to win a fourth Super Bowl ring, and now this.

Tom Brady finds himself ranked third out of all atheltes on Bloomberg's Power 100 Rankings in 2012. This yearly list is constructed based on earnings, sponsors and even recent memorable moments in their respective sports.

Brady is joined by the likes of LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Rafael Nadal joining Brady in the top five, with Brees and Rodgers taking the top two spots on the list. There is no doubt that Brady is one of the most powerful athletes and deserves to be recognized early in this list.

Brady moved up from No. 5 on this list thanks to his $28 million contract as well as finishing with the second-most single-season passing yards of all time. Some of Brady's  sponsors include UGG, Under Armour and Stetson Cologne.

Another Super Bowl championship may be the only thing that can improve Brady's spot on next year's list.