Vote: Should Kevin Faulk Play Another Season?Kevin Faulk's career resume is decorated to say the least. He has been one of the faces of the Patriots' franchise over 12 seasons in New England, winning three Super Bowls and being named to the franchise's 50th anniversary team recently.

The three-time Super Bowl champion began his NFL career with the Patriots in 1999 after being selected in the second round out of LSU. He has 16 rushing and 15 receiving touchdowns to go with over 7,300 offensive yards and 5,000 return yards in 161 regular-season games played. 

Accomplishments aside, though, Faulk may be nearing the end of the road. That may have been no more apparent than when Faulk was listed on the inactives list for the Super Bowl, last Sunday in Indianapolis.

The Patriots, of course, lost to the Giants, and now Faulk is left to decide what's next in his football career. He's stated over and over again that football of some sort remains in his future, but it's certainly unclear at this point what capacity that will be in and whether or not it will be as a player.

At this point, Faulk doesn't have much to gain by continuing to play. He has the Super Bowl rings. He has personal accolades. Of course, it's never easy to walk away from doing something you love. Faulk clearly loves the sport of football and if he were to come back, especially to New England, he could continue to provide veteran leadership even if his physical abilities have declined.

Regardless, Faulk's place in Patriots history as the longest-tenured player during the team's golden years will be something Pats fans will never forget about.

Should Kevin Faulk play another season?